About LegalSpot

About LegalSpot

Decent legal, tax or financial advice is hard to find. It is hard to find in your own town and it is hard to find on the internet. You simply do not know an advisors reputation, working experience and specialization. Not to mention different prices per hour or solution.

Legal, tax or financial advisor?

And LegalSpot does not only help individuals and companies to find the best legal, tax and financial advice. LegalSpot connects lawyers, tax advisors, mediators and accountants to a wider audience.

Local and global exposure

Some advisors join us to get more local exposure, some join us because of our national and international reach.

Considering LegalSpot already connects individuals and companies to the best advisors in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Brasil, Bonaire, Curacao and Sint Maarten we can provide global exposure soon.

Free first call

To make legal, tax and financial sevices affordabel again, our advisors offer a first call for free. LegalSpot is the only website in the Netherlands offering free first calls to our clients.

International legal, tax and financial advice

Looking for international advice? Legal, tax or financial? We can help. With consultants throughout the world, we will help you for an affordable price.

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Get in touch with us via info@legalspot.nl

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