Criminal law attorney Amsterdam

Our criminal defense attorneys in Amsterdam can assist you on criminal cases. A criminal defense lawyer in Amsterdam assist both suspects and victims within criminal law in the Netherlands. Whether you have received a subpoena or just an invitation for a police interrogation because you are a suspect. But also if you have been abused or if you are a victim in a sex case.

Suspect of a crime

As a suspect of a crime you can either receive a subpoena or you can be arrested. Of course, as a suspect you have rights during the criminal proceedings as well. Something very important to know is that you can rely on your right to remain silent. We even recommend you to rely on your right to remain silent until you have spoken to one of our criminal defense lawyers in Amsterdam.

Police interrogation

It is possible that you have been arrested and you are going to be interrogated, but it is also very possible that you have received an invitation from the police although you are not a suspect yet. In both cases you should get assistance from a criminal defense attorney in Amsterdam, because even if you are not a suspect when you are interrogated, you can become one during the interrogation and then you can be arrested.

At a police interrogation a criminal defense attorney in Amsterdam can make sure that the criminal proceedings are not hindered any further by any statements you make during your interrogation.

Temporary custody

Dutch criminal law says you can be taken into temporary custody if the public prosecutor thinks you should be held longer. He will then propose this to the examining judge. If the proposal gets approved, the first period of your temporary custody will be detention. A detention will last for 14 days at most, and you will be detained in a detention centre. The court’s council chamber can decide after those 14 days to turn your temporary custody into imprisonment.

We will assist you during interrogations and in the case of imprisonment our criminal attorneys will do anything in their power to get it suspended so you can be released.

Our criminal attorneys in Amsterdam aim for a full acquittal or the lowest possible penalty.

Victim of a crime

As the victim of a crime you suffer loss. Despite the fact that it is tough to appear in a trial as victim, it can be wise to demand a compensation for your damages. You can let this compensation demand be taken into account via the criminal proceedings. The judge will then see if you are entitled to a compensation.

For a simple compensation for damages, the judge will include it in his conviction. If the claim is more complicated you will be declared inadmissible and it will be open to you to use civil proceedings to recover damages from the offender.

Criminal defense attorney Amsterdam

A criminal defense attorney or criminal attorneys in Amsterdam can assist you if you are the suspect of a criminal case. This can involve trespassing, manslaughter, wrongful death, drug offences like drug trafficking and possession of drugs, murder, sex cases or a heist. Our criminal lawyers in Amsterdam and criminal defense attorneys in Amsterdam provide assistance for suspects of any possible criminal act with many years of experience.

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Need an international criminal law firm in the Netherlands? Our criminal defense attorneys in the Netherlands are able to help you concerning international criminal law and international criminal cases. Just explain your situation confidentially and our international criminal law firms in the Netherlands will help you.