Dutch labor law attorney

In this article Dutch labor law is explained by a labor law attorney in the Netherlands.

A labor law attorney advises employers and employees. About the changes in the Dutch dismissal law and wrongful dismissal or a reorganization. Everything concerning labor law in the Netherlands so to speak.

How about labor law in the Netherlands?

Labor law concerns the relationship between emplorers and employees. It looks after employees’ rights, but also regulates and serves employers interests.

Labor law seems to be build on these conflicts of interests. Therefore it is not surprising that labor law is a maior jurisdiction in the Netherlands. Most of the labor law disputes concern dismissal, immediate dismissal and wrongful dismissal.

What does a labor law attorney do?

If you think you have been wrongfully dismissed, you should contact one of our labor law attorneys in the Netherlands immediately. If you want to dismiss an employee, ask our labor law attorneys how to do so, because Dutch labor law is strict for employers. Especially since the changes in the Dutch dismissal law in 2015 and the Dutch Work and Security Act or “Wet Werk en Zekerheid” (WWZ). Prevent your company from paying a large fee to an employee because of a wrongful dismissal or a challenged dismissal.

Next to dismissal, discrimination is a maior jurisdiction in Dutch labor law. Discrimination about origin, sex and gay sexuality is prohibited by Dutch constitution and for that reason illegal. Are you facing harassment or discrimination at work? Hiring a labor law attorney in the Netherlands to discuss your options is recommended.

What does a labor law attorney cost?

Everything has its price. So does a labor law attorney. But the costs of a Dutch labor law attorney are low. Unique in the Netherlands is the fact that our attorneys manage to recover costs on the counterparty most of the time. Next to that, our labor attorneys can handle your case if you have legal insurance in the Netherlands as well.


Dutch dismissal law has changed. It changed a lot since the Dutch Work and Security Act. Most employers know that, but they do not know how to dismiss employees in the right way without having to pay a high fee to former employees.


You have to challenge a wrongful dismissal, always. Whether you think it is a fair or unfair dismissal or not.

Instant dismissal is given incorrect almost every time. Therefore, it is recommended to challenge your instant dismissal with a labor law attorney in the Netherlands.

Labor law firm in the Netherlands

Summarizing, do you need a labor law attorney in the Netherlands? Our Dutch labor law attorneys will help you instantly at low cost.