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How to apply for a patent or need to know how to act when facing patent infringement? And what can you do when you have been accused by a patent troll?

Dutch patent law regulates protection of intellectual property and describes the option how to protect your ideas and inventions with a patent application. Dutch patent law learns us how to bring a patent application to a success and how to act when facing patent infringement. Has your patent been infringed or are you accused of a patent infringement? A patent attorney in the Netherlands helps to take action against such infringements or accusations.

Patent attorney Netherlands

Virtually nothing is more annoying than a patent infringement and almost nothing is more difficult than to apply for a patent. A patent attorney in the Netherlands not only acts when an infringement occurs. Dutch patent attorneys are willing to advice you how to apply for a patent and how to increase the chances of a succesful patent application. They explain you how the registration proces works and what the requirements of an invention for a patent application are.

When can I file a patent?

Dutch patent law has three requirements for an patent application. An invention has to be:

  1. a novelty
  2. inventive
  3. industrial applicable

Patent application timeline

If you invented something, it is important to protect your invention. Only in that way you can try to prevent others from making an immitation and you can stop unwanted sales in order to earn back your investment.

But first, you need to see if your invention is applicable for patenting.  The RVO made a list of factors to help you make the right decision whether to apply for a patent or not.

Next to that, you need to do some research yourself before asking a patent attorney. Search the patent databank to see if someone als has patented your idea or not. You have to perform a novelty search.

If you need help searching the databank, the Dutch RVO will help you if you ask them to. 

Doing a market research is the next step to see if you want to spend money to apply for a patent. Check if*:

  • the benefits outweigh the costs;
  • your product has a long life cycle;
  • there is a large market with a lot of potential licensees
  • you want to protect your market share;
  • an infringement of the patent can be easily demonstrated;
  • you can use a patent as part of negotiations;
  • your patent enhances your or your company’s image;
  • it is impossible to keep your invention secret;
  • it involves a key technology;
  • you require funding or wish to enhance the value of your company.

*Source: RVO

Convinced that you can apply for a patent after doing this research yourself? Ask a patent attorney in the Netherlands to see how a patent application works and what the costs of a patent application are.

Below you see our patent application timeline for the Netherlands. Of course, you can apply for a patent worldwide, but it all starts with these small steps.

 patent application timeline


How much does a patent application cost?

Invented something? You might think to patent it yourself to save money. Admittedly, you can apply for a patent yourself and an attorney may cost you money, but the best way to protect your invention is to file a patent application with a patent attorney. A patent attorney knows the ins and outs of the legal procedure and can describe your invention in a technical and legal way.

Costs of a patent attorney may vary from 150 to 250 euro an hour and the costs of a patent application start at around 2000 euro, but you can contact our patent attorneys in the Netherlands without any cost or obligation to discuss hourly rates or fixed fees for your patent application.

And have you or your company been accused of patent infringement? Contact our patent attorneys to see for what they can do for you and how you prevent a patent prosecution.

Summarizing: patent law in the Netherlands

The Netherlands are famous because of its patent law. Dutch patent law did not excist for years in the Netherlands and even nowadays Dutch patent law is well known. A patent is an attractive way to protect your invention. A succesful patent application can prohibit anyone else from imitating your idea and sell your product.

But where can I find a patent attorney in the Netherlands or how can Dutch patent law help me to stand up for my rights without high legal costs? 

Our patent attorneys in the Netherlands have years of national and international experience in Dutch patent law and are able to support you and your company concerning patent application, patent infringement, construction permits, zoning plans and construction law.

Do not hesitate to contact our Dutch property law firms and lawyers when having questions concerning property law in the Netherlands. Discuss your legal position and ask our property lawyers about costs and fixed fees.