To offer all of our site’s Visitors optimal user friendliness, all Visitors have as much freedom as possible. Of course, both you and us have to comply with legal regulations. Furthermore, we have our own vision to make using this platform attractive for everyone.

You agree with the house rules that are necessary to use this service in a correct way. These rules are established to comply with legal regulations, and to give you and every other Visitor the opportunity to make use of the Service in the way LegalSpot has in mind.

If you refuse to follow these rules at any moment or violate any of them, either in the Agreement or at different points where you may encounter them within the system, this may lead to exclusion from the Service.

First of all, it is not allowed to share your password and log-in credentials with others, or to let anyone other than yourself use your account. Secondly, it is not allowed to log in multiple times with the same account at the same moment without explicit written consent from LegalSpot.

Of course, you can express yourself and state your vision, but you must be respectful to other Visitors and it is not allowed to take any action that could harm another Visitor in any way. Furthermore, you may not use the system to prepare, expand on, encourage or help anyone to perform criminal activities. This includes illegal activity concerning computers.

Visitors are not allowed to participate in any of the following activities on our system:

  • Performing actions that could harm others;
  • Displaying or spreading pornographical material in any way, shape or form;
  • Displaying or spreading material that is offensive or insulting. This includes flagrant expressions of intolerance, prejudice, racism, hate or blasphemy;
  • Promoting or expanding on illegal activity, or calling for the infliction of injury in any form or extent;
  • Committing defamation or slander against other Visitors or organisations Consultants work at;
  • Spreading material that depicts exploitation of children younger than 18 years in any way;
  • Infringing on someone else’s rights, including but not limited to intellectual property rights. This concerns infringement on copyright, trademarks, patents, trade secrets or any other form of infringement on intellectual property, including but not limited to offering illegal software or links to such software or applications that enable one to download such software. Furthermore, it is not allowed to spread information concerning overriding manufacturers’ copy protection. This also includes spreading serial numbers, registration numbers or keys for software, but also any other way to bypass or crack software protections. This also concerns emulation software for video games; Breaching common law on the internet;
  • Breaching common law on the internet;
  • Using the platform for displaying or spreading intimidating, insulting, threatening, damaging, vulgar or obscene material or privacy sensitive information of others;
  • Disrupting the service, servers or networks that are connected to the service, or attempts to do so by placing advertisements or links to competing services, sending junk mail, spam, chain letters or unsolicited mass distribution of e-mail messages;
  • Expanding on illegal activities, including everything that concerns illegal drugs, gambling, pornography, prostitution, theft, spreading computer viruses, invading computers or attempts to do so, software breach, trade of credit cards or other bank cards or payment systems, or any other form of illegal or criminal (financial) activity;
  • Detracting from the safety of services LegalSpot offers. It is strictly forbidden to attempt to access private areas (on the website) of LegalSpot or Consultants or other visitors of LegalSpot.

LegalSpot also reserves te following rights:

  • LegalSpot is allowed to release current or old information in the case that LegalSpot is convinced that the terms and conditions or house rules have been violated to commit unlawful acts;
  • If LegalSpot is required by law to hand the information over, it will do so;
  • LegalSpot is allowed to refuse access to those who have violated these guidelines without any obligation to pay a settlement or compensation for it;
  • LegalSpot is allowed to end every membership with anyone with or without providing them a reason for it.
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