Dutch lawyer

Dutch lawyer

Need a Dutch lawyer? We help you compare client reviews, costs, such as hourly rates and fixed fees and let you find the best local lawyers and law firms in the Netherlands to solve your legal matter.

There are relatively many lawyers in the Netherlands. But of course, every lawyer has his own expertise or niche. We work with the best lawyers in the Netherlands and abroad. From a one man or boutique law firm to maior law firms at the “Zuid as”.

There are about 17,000 lawyers and more than 5,000 law firms in the Netherlands. Most law firms are owned by only one lawyer and around 20 law firms have 60 lawyers or more. If you need more information about the lawyer association in the Netherlands, you can see the “Orde van Advocaten”. For a directory of the best lawyers in the Netherlands, see our website.

How to find good Dutch law firms?

We explain you everything about how to find a good lawyer in the Netherlands, about the costs of a Dutch lawyer and how we can help you to find a good and affordable lawyer in the Netherlands.

The Dutch word for attorney is “jurist or advocaat”. We have to point out that a lawyer in the Netherlands is not always an “advocaat”. On this page you find our lawyers in the Netherlands.

But how do I find a good lawyer in the Netherlands? Ask friends and family if you want to. But every legal situation is different and needs special attention. Not every recommended lawyer is the best lawyer for your legal matter.

First thing to do if you want to find an affordable lawyer is to describe your legal situation. Next thing is to decide if you need a lawyer for yourself or your business.

We offer the best local lawyers in the Netherlands, so choose your home town or city and our system will show you all of our lawyers specialized in your legal matter.

Then it is up to you. Compare everything from client reviews and trophys to costs, such as hourly rates and fixed fees for your solution.

What are the costs of a Dutch lawyer?

Lawyers used to be expensive and cost anywhere from 75 - 500 euro an hour, but a Dutch lawyer is not that expensive anymore. Not if you compare costs and if you request for hourly rates, a fixed fee or law as a service in advance.

5 tips to find the best Dutch lawyer:

  • Choose a lawyer specialized in your legal matter
  • Not only look for experienced senior lawyers, check out good starters as well
  • Compare client reviews
  • Compare costs in advance on our website
  • Choose a local lawyer who knows about the local legal situation