Dutch administrative lawyer

Need a Dutch administrative lawyer? Our administrative lawyers in the Netherlands are willing to help when facing an administrative hearing or when your permit has been revoked or when a permit request has been denied. In this article we explain how Dutch administrative law works and how our experienced lawyers are able to help you at low costs.

What about administrative law in the Netherlands?

Dutch administrative law is actually part of constitutional and administrative law, but for now we limit ourselves to administrative law in the Netherlands only. The General Administrative Law Act in the Netherlands frames general rules concerning Dutch administrative law.

There are three central terms. Namely:

  • Conclusion
  • Stakeholder concept
  • Governing body concept

We also distinguish acts of general application and decisions. Only an administrative body is empowered to take a decision. In the Netherlands we see A-bodies and B-bodies regarding article 1:1 sub 1 General Administrative Law Act.

Appeal to the administrative court of appeal

You can appeal to the administrative sector of the court. When you are not sattisfied, there are three options for you:

We note that there is no equality between the parties. Although there is no equality between the parties, a lawyer is not mandatory. To increase your chances of success, we do advise you to take a lawyer if you want to appeal in administrative law.

What does an administrative lawyer in the Netherlands cost?

You might think that Dutch administrative lawyers cost a fortune. But nothing is further from the truth. Since individuals and companies can compare costs such as hourly rates and fixed fees on our website we see an interesting decrease in the costs of an administrative lawyer in the Netherlands. Compare every lawyer or ask them for a fixed fee to help you regarding your administrative law procedure.

Dutch administrative law firms

Our Looking for a Dutch administrative law firm? We can explain you how to find an administrative lawyer in the Netherlands by writing a long story. But we don’t need to.We only work with the best Dutch administrative lawyers and they are willing to help you.