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Corporate lawyer Amsterdam

Corporate lawyers in Amsterdam are specialised in company law, contract law and commercial law. Corporate law includes establishing companies, as well as unlawful acts by the company or director, and therefore certainly also directors’ liability.

Furthermore, a corporate lawyer in Amsterdam can assist with the resignation of a director, buyout of shareholders or buyout of an associate. And do you want to make an investment or attract an investor?

Corporate law firm Amsterdam

Our corporate corporate law firms in Amsterdam that you can find here help companies in the Netherlands and foreign companies that operate in the Netherlands, or want to establish a company in the Netherlands, in the field of corporate law.

Important matters that are dealt with in corporate law:

  • Establishing private and limited companies
  • Liquidation and resolution of a company
  • Resignation of a director
  • Directors’ liability
  • Buyback of shares
  • Transfer of shares
  • Payment of dividend
  • Position of shareholders
  • Shareholders’ meeting
  • Discharge of management

Introduction to corporate law

Corporate law is a part of private law. Corporate law is a broad field of law. It actually concerns all laws and regulations legal entities need to deal with.

Sources of law within the enterprise act are:

What about corporate law?

Legal entities’ law deals with the estabishment of a private (BV), limited company (NV) or flex-private company and determines affairs concerning buyback and transfer of shares, payment of dividend and the position of the shareholder.

Because what has to happen if you want to discharge a statutary director or if the owner of a company passes away? Or what if a dispute arises with a customer or supplier?

And do you want to discuss how you can reorganize? Do you want a due diligence to prevent any skeletons in the closet? Our corporate lawyers in Amsterdam have years of experience at big corporate international corporate law firms, and can therefore help with an initial public offering.

Annual general meeting

When it comes to shares and shareholders, there are also a lot of things to take care of, because what are the rights and obligations of the shareholders and what can and cannot be decided at a shareholders’ meeting?

For instance, the financial statements of the previous year will be established and approved at the annual shareholders’ meeting. Also, discharge can be granted during the establishment of the financial statements.

What does a corporate lawyer in Amsterdam cost?

Everything has its price. So does a good corporate lawyer. But the costs of a corporate laywer in Amsterdam are lower than they used to be. Our lawyers personally introduce themselves online in order for you to compare hourly rates or fixed fees and keep costs low and their legal services affordable. Do you really need a senior partner of a corporate law firm for 800 euro an hour or may another experienced lawyer help you for prices starting from 100 euro an hour?

Of course our corporate lawyers also offer a fixed fee for any solution for you and your company. Contact the corporate lawyer of your choice to make an appointment.

How to find a corporate lawyer in Amsterdam

Finding good corporate lawyers in Amsterdam is not as difficult as it used to be. The best and most affordable corporate lawyers in Amsterdam can be found at LegalSpot. Any lawyer from each law firm has its own unique personal profile with photo, so you know who you are dealing with.

In this way, you will not only know the costs of specific corporate lawyers in the Netherlands, you will also see the specializations of your lawyer, so you know instantly who to do business with or who you want to represent your business. We bring back the unique personal touch into the world of corporate lawyers in the Netherlands.