Dutch divorce lawyer

Dutch divorce lawyer

Dutch divorce lawyer? Search for the best divorce lawyers in the Netherlands when you want to file for divorce. Maybe there have been arguments for years, perhaps your partner wasn’t faithful or maybe you’ve just decided together that filing for divorce is the best decision for the both of you.

Online divorce

Whatever the reason may be, your marriage isn’t working anymore and that’s why you want to file for divorce and you are looking for divorce lawyers in the Netherlands. In this article we’ll explain what divorce law is, how you can get divorced online and of course also how you can make an appointment with a divorce lawyer or mediator in the Netherlands or how you can find an international divorce lawyer in the Netherlands in case you are both Dutch but no longer live in the Netherlands.

How does a divorce in the Netherlands work?

We guide you through your divorce from the moment you notify your partner until you are officially divorced.

Divorce procedure in 5 easy steps

The divorce procedure is actually not very complicated and can even be completed without to visit your lawyer. In order to explain how to get a divorce in the Netherlands, we’d like to explain how the divorce procedure works step-by-step.

How do I file for divorce in the Netherlands?

Step 1 Filing for divorce

You indicate that you want to file for divorce online at our website. This can be a joint request, but it can also be one-sided.

Filing for your divorce is done by filling out and sending the form on this page to us. You will of course directly receive an e-mail from us confirming that we’ve received your application. This is the first step of the divorce procedure and that is why we request only the minimum required information to proceed to step two of the divorce procedure.

Step 2 Preparing documents

Once you’ve filed for the divorce form and we’ve confirmed this, one of our lawyers will contact you and begin to make sure all documents for your divorce are in order with you.

Step 3 Drafting a divorce agreement and parenting plan

The divorce agreement is a summary of all the agreements you make regarding the divorce. The divorce agreement contains agreements about alimony (child support and partner alimony), your house and mortgage, retirement savings, your capital and the dividing of the inventory.

The parenting plan is used to put down all agreements relating to your child or children.

This contains things like child support, visitation rights, upbringing and what needs to be done when essential decisions have to be made in the future.

Step 4 Filing court petition

When it comes to a joint petition for divorce, it is unlikely that there will be any debate about whether or not to sign the papers that have been drawn up by our lawyer. After these documents have been signed, a petition for divorce will be filed with the court. The outcome of such a request is the decision.

Step 5 Confirmation of the court’s decision

As soon as there is a decision from court, you will agree to it. The lawyer then requests for the official to register your divorce. After about 4 or 5 weeks you will be divorced. This is all possible without visiting a court, even in case you don’t live in the Netherlands, but are both Dutch.

How can I find a good divorce lawyer in the Netherlands

It can be hard to see the forest through the trees in divorce country. There are so many different divorce lawyers in the Netherlands. Some with years of experience, but they may be very expensive. Others that only just started as lawyers. Are they therefor cheap and do they have the right experience to properly handle the divorce for you and your ex-partner?

Can a good divorce lawyer be an affordable divorce lawyer?

We have made things a lot easier for you. You select where you live and all our divorce lawyers in the Netherlands will be shown. These are the best divorce lawyers in the Netherlands. Lawyers with years of experience, as well as very good starters.

Do you still think it is a chore to find a good and affordable lawyer for your divorce? Then compare the hourly rates, fixed rates, reviews from other clients and the unique personal profiles of the lawyers with which they introduce themselves to you using a personal photo. This way you know who your lawyer is beforehand and experience shows that this adds a nice personal touch. And that is pleasant during such an emotionally heavy period.

How much does a divorce in the Netherlands cost?

The rate for divorce in the Netherlands starts at € 675,- per couple. This includes a divorce agreement. Note that this involves a joint application for divorce. The costs can run higher if more needs to be taken care of or if you are not in agreeance and a divorce battle takes place.

But don’t worry. A divorce lawyer from LegalSpot is always open about the costs of your divorce beforehand. Discuss the hourly rate or make an agreement about a fixed fee for your divorce. Hourly rates and fixed rates for divorce can be seen on the profile of our lawyers or discussed online.

This way you always know what the costs of your divorce are and you never have to face an unpleasant surprise.

Online divorce is the best way to get a cheap divorce. Naturally you can still choose from all our divorce lawyers in the Netherlands. Just like with a “normal” divorce, an online divorce can be about a joint or one-sided application for divorce.

If despite the explanation above you still have questions about divorce, that is understandable. We understand that you want to know how we can help you and which lawyer is best suited to helping in your specific situation.

International divorce lawyer Netherlands

Living abroad and want to divorce in the Netherlands? Our international divorce lawyers can help you divorce in the Netherlands at an affordable rate.

At first sight, an international divorce with a lawyer in the Netherlands seems to be something more complicated than a divorce where you both live in the Netherlands. But  after reading the following brief explanation you will understand why this is not true.

To settle your divorce in the Netherlands, while living abroad, a divorce lawyer in the Netherlands has to convince the judge that you and your ex-partner are Dutch. This can be done by a document from the Dutch Embassy or  with a legalized document by your local notary confirming your identity.

It is important that the documents are drawn up in Dutch or English. If it is not possible to drawn up the documents in English, you can enable a qualified interpreter to do this.

For full supervision of your divorce, you can turn to a divorce lawyer in the Netherlands. In this way you avoid unnecessary costs by requesting documents from the Embassy or get documents legalized by a notary without giving the correct result in the Netherlands.

How can a Dutch divorce lawyer help?

Ask one of our divorce lawyers in the Netherlands for the full supervision of your divorce in the Netherlands. Doing so, you avoid unnecessary costs by requesting documents from the Embassy or get documents legalized by a notary without giving the correct result in the Netherlands.