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You are open about your hourly rates and fixed fees and so are we. We ask an ad rate of € 25, - per successfully completed campaign.

At this rate you will be able to build up your online reputation and gain professional exposure on the Internet. We also offer you all the convenience to make appointments with new clients. And of course, we are expanding functionality daily for the best experience.

Lawyers: Conduct Rule 2 paragraph 2 Bar Association

Lawyers are not allowed to pay a reward or commission for orders or leads based on rule of conduct 2, paragraph 2. However, it is allowed to advertise as a reasonable ad rate is calculated and the freedom and independence of lawyers is not compromised, according to the Bar Association in November 2015. LegalSpot charges a reasonable advertising fee per advertising campaign which is in line with already accepted advertising channels such as Google Adwords. Also this will not damage the freedom and independence of our lawyers. We work in line with the vision of the Bar Association.

No year subscription, so no strings attached!

A year subscription is not the way to work. We only want to get paid for something we deliver. Like you. That's why our advisors only pay a reasonable ad rate for a successful campaign. An advertising campaign is successful if the data from the client and a description of the situation in which advice or assistance is required receives you.

We note that advisers with a complete profile and advisers who are open about their prices get a lot more requests than advisors who do not disclose rates. For example, uses a flat rate for drafting agreements? Mention this and automatically increase your exposure.

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Retain new clients

New clients as a lawyer, law firm, attorney, tax consultant or mediator? Or want to know how you can attract and retain new clients as an accountant? LegalSpot is your online platform and it is perfectly designed to reach new clients on legal, tax and financial matters. It is the modern way to reach new clients.

Attract new clients to your office and retain them in a much easier way than you used to. You can easily retain your clients, because we provide you with detailed information such as name, email address and telephone number. Connect with new business or corporate clients and individuals.

In addition, the reviews will be briefly discussed with you if these are lower than the maximum score.

As part of our LegalSpot network, you’re searchable and listed according to your location and services.

It creates opportunities for your business because you will get discovered by customers who may never find you otherwise.

Our position on the internet is the result of excellent search engine optimization. We love to share our position with you so you can benefit from our knowledge at low costs.

Through our excellent knowledge of SEO and SEA we are very easily found by new clients.. Posting opinions and blogs can contribute to an even better position through search engine optimization (SEO).

We also take care of SEA or online advertisements on search engines. By using both SEO and SEA we achieve optimal findability on the internet and a good influx of new clients for your firm.

Clear, transparent and personal

Once you signed up, you will be able to create your own unique profile. Specify your fields of expertise and experience, add hourly costs and your fixed fees and be open about office expenses. Be as clear as possible to gain better reviews. And if you'd prefer a professional photo for your profile, we will arrange this for you.

Write your opinion or blog and increase your exposure

Such opinions and blogs are becoming increasingly popular and attract many targeted and interested visitors sitting with a legal question to your profile.

You may terminate your account at any time and without a cancellation period.

If you have questions or complaints, you can always contact us at 003188-242 83 69 or Satisfied? Please share it as much as possible with others on social media and beyond.

We are always there for you to help you professionally and effectively dress up your profile.

Next to that, LegalSpot gives you your own online marketing platform to build up your online reputation.

Our online review system lets your clients spread the word about what you do and what they loved.

We are always available for you. By chat and telephone on weekdays from 09:00 to 18:00 at 088-242 83 69 or and in weekend fron 12:00 to 16:00

You can reach us 24 hours a day by email. During the indicated times on weekdays you will always immediately get a reaction. At other hours we always respond within 24 hours. So we will always be at your service so you can gain maximum benefit from your membership.

Our online review system lets your clients spread the word helping letting even more customers find the way to your office.

The extension to which your profile is complete contributes to the reviews you get. Clients give better reviews to advisors with a complete profile.

If you have created your account, we will always help you to fill out your profile completely and entirely to your satisfaction.

And do you want to change your profile in a later stadium? Do it yourself or ask us and we will help you without any costs.

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