Tax advisor in Luxembourg

Looking for tax advisors in Luxembourg? We can explain you how to find a tax advisor by writing a long story. But we don’t need to.We only work with the best tax advisors in Luxembourg and they are willing to help you.

Full service tax firm in Luxembourg

Need a full service tax firm, but you want to choose your own tax advisor?

Our tax advisors have years of experience at major tax firms in the world. Normally tax advice from these kind of advisors cost a fortune. But not anymore. They now offer their experience for reasonable prices. Both to companies and private individuals

We are the only one in Luxembourg offering a full service tax firm online. Next to that, you can choose your own tax advisor. Compare prices, such as hourly rates and fixed fees, read or write reviews and select your advisor based on these options combined with the right experience and specializm. It’s up to you.

Our system is built to learn you how to find the best tax advisors in Luxembourg in only two easy steps. Choose your subject and find your own tax advisor in Luxembourg.

Costs tax advisor in Luxembourg

What does a tax advisor in Luxembourg actually cost? Everything at LegalSpot starts online. Therefore we can offer the highest quality in tax advice at lower costs than our competitors. Our advisors present their hourly rates and fixed fee online at their profiles.

If no hourly rates or fixed fees are shown, just contact the tax advisor of your choice for free to ask about the costs for your specific case.

Cheap tax advisor Luxembourg

To provide you with the highest service possible, most of our advisor offer a free first call.

Tax advisors for individuals

Whether you are a private individual or a business owner. Our tax advisors are able to help companies, corporates, multionalionals, expats and you. As an employee, retiree, starter or tax advice for company owners or if you are an expat.

A tax advisor is a tax law and legal expert. Tax advisors are specialized in minimizing taxation for indivuals and companies.

Tax advisors in Luxembourg help Dutch residents and non-resident tax payers. We are specialized in:

  • inheritance tax
  • income tax return
  • expatriates
  • real estate
  • corporate tax

Tax advisors in Luxembourg

We offer tax advisors for individuals and we work with the best tax advisors for companies in Luxembourg. For multinationals and business owners such as entrepreneurs. So we love to show you our tax advisors and our tax specializations below. Most of our tax advisors have years of experience at the big four.

Our tax advisors can help you and your company with:

  • treasury management
  • financial services
  • corporate income tax return
  • tax risk management
  • transfer pricing
  • country by country reporting
  • tax valuations
  • international tax structuring
  • VAT optimization
  • Tax dispute resolution